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RF-TTL-SMA 20dbm RF Module

Maximum power:20dbm
Measured distance: 2000m@1K
Antenna: SMA external antenna
Working frequency: 425MHz – 450.5MHZ, 100KHz stepper
Communication Interface: UART serial port, 8N1/8E1/8O1, from 1200 to 115200 a total of 8 kinds baud rate



   RF-TTL-SMA is our latest 100mW wireless transmission module. It working in 425-450.5MHz band and using serial port to send or receive data. Its advantage is that centralized power density, transmission distance(Its transmission distances can reach 2000 meters.) and strong anti-jamming capability. Especially the ability to penetrate diffraction, it is more strong than other band.

RF-TTL-SMA having the FEC forward error correction algorithm, the coding efficiency is higher and the error correction capability is strong. When in the case of burst interference, it can take the initiative to correct the interference packets , that greatly improving the reliability and transmission distance. The module also having data encryption and compression function. When transmission data in the air, it is random and unsafe. But after the module rigorous encryption and decryption algorithm, the data interception becomes meaningless and improves transport security.

The module has four operating modes , and can freely switch at runtime , in the power saving mode , current consumption is only ten of uA, it is very suitable for ultra-low- power applications.


Parametric Description


Parametric Name

Detailed Description


Module size

20* 36mm



1*7*2.54mm, you can use the universal plate and DuPont line


Supply voltage

1.9-3.6V DC


Communication voltage

0.7VDD-5.2VDC, VDD is the supply voltage of module


Measured distance



Maximum power



Air Rate

8 adjustable rating


Dormancy Current

About 1.7uAM1 =1 M0 = 1


Power Level

8 adjustable rating


Transmitting current

89mA@100mW output


Receiving current

14.5mA@Mode 0 and 1. The lowest is about 20uA@Mode 2 + 2s wake up



SMA external antenna


Communication Interface

UART serial port, 8N1/8E1/8O1, from 1200 to 115200 a total of 8 kinds baud rate


Transmitting length

Single data packet is 256 bytes


Receiving length

Single data packet is 256 bytes


RSSI Support

Built-in intelligent processing


Reception sensitivity



Work temperature

-30 - +85


Work humidity

Relative humidity :10% - 90%


Storage temperature

-40 - +125


Working frequency

425MHz – 450.5MHZ, 100KHz stepper


Module Features

   Transmission distance of 2000 meters

   Multiple baud

   -119dBm Receiver sensitivity

   Ultra-low -power receive

   Four operation modes

   Sleep current is only 1.7uA

   Air wake-up function

   Double ring buffer 256Bytes

   Built-in watchdog , never crash

   Software FEC correction , data compression

   Support voltage reading function

   Frequency 425 - 450.5M, 256 channels

   Efficient encryption algorithms , error correction function


   Wireless meter reading

   Wireless Sensor

   Smart Home

   Intelligent Robot

   Consumer Electronics

   Street lighting control

   High-voltage monitoring

   Environmental Engineering

   Automated data collection

   Remote control and monitoring

   Other wireless transmission applications



   1.  Avoid body touch the electronic components.

   2.  Please ensure that the power supply has a smaller ripple , and must avoid frequent significant jitter.

   3.  Antenna mounting structure has a greater impact on module performance , please ensure the antenna exposed.

   4.  Avoid harmonic interference from other wireless devices bands

   5.  Please make the RF module stay away from the crystal.


File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-RF-TTL-40-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 1.74 MB 12/22/2014 1,531
DS-RF-TTL-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 1.77 MB 12/22/2014 1,476
DS-RF-TTL-40-TH-V01-EN *pdf 1.7 MB 12/22/2014 1,337
DS-RF-1101D-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 255.39 KB 12/22/2014 1,132
DS-RF-1101S-V01-EN *pdf 236.43 KB 12/22/2014 1,363
DS-RF-1212D-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 222.88 KB 12/22/2014 1,229
DS-RF-1212D-TH-V01 *pdf 225.86 KB 12/22/2014 1,231
DS-RF-4463SMA-V01-EN *pdf 198.55 KB 12/22/2014 1,546
DS-RF-4463TH-V01-EN *pdf 199.83 KB 12/22/2014 1,319
DS-RF-SMD-V01-EN *pdf 189.33 KB 12/22/2014 1,305

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