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DAQ-1000, Arduino UNO Data Acquisition shield

8-CH 10bit (or 12bit) ADC
4-CH Digital Input
Onboard 4.096V Precision Voltage Reference
Low Cost Arduino UNO Data Acquisition Shield


Arduino UNO Data Acquisition shield

Low Cost Arduino UNO Data Acquisition Shield

Using the Arduino as a Really Inexpensive DAQ , Arduino UNO compatible.

8-CH 10bit (or 12bit) ADC

INHAOS Buono UNO R3 provide 8CH ADC interface, some compatible UNO only provided 6-CH ADC interface.

Most Arduino UNO R3 derivative board using Atmega328P as the main controller , which can be provided 10bit ADC resolutions.

Massduino UNO R3 LC using MD328D as the main controller , it’s provided 12bit ADC resolutions.

7-CH Digital IO (Can be used for SPI interface)

Standard UNO pinout , used for standard IO or SPI interface.

Onboard 4.096V Precision Voltage Reference

Using Microchip MCP1541 4.096V precision voltage reference , with +/-50ppm temperature drift and max +-1% initial accuracy.


3-CH PWM DAC , Arduino Pin_3 for DAC0, Pin_9 for DAC1 and Pin_10 for DAC2, DAC0 is fixed 8bit resolutions and DAC1/2 is 15bit resolutions.

The DAC2 can be configuration as the threshold source for Digital input.

4-CH Digital Input

Provided 4-CH digital input , with adjustable reference , two reference can be selectable , one is a multi ring precision potentiometer with manual adjust and one is DAC CH3, the reference voltage is select by a 3Pin jumper wire.

File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-CS-4173-EN Datasheet *pdf 187.06 KB 07/15/2014 2,793
DS-REF-431-EN Datasheet *pdf 215.09 KB 07/15/2014 2,681
DOC-DAQ-1000-V02-20151110 546.36 KB 10/29/2015 1,042
SCH-DAQ-1000-V02-20151110 79.51 KB 11/21/2015 675
AN-DAQ-1000-001-V10-20151129 1.09 MB 11/22/2015 1,488
AN-DAQ-1000-001-V10-20151129 3.9 MB 11/22/2015 1,115
AN_16006_DAQ-1000 Step by Step Guide 482.99 KB 05/10/2016 1,483
DOC-DAC-3000-V01-20151031 355.2 KB 10/31/2015 945
DOC-REF-4096-V01-20151103 280.19 KB 11/04/2015 952
DOC-REF-586-V01-20151203 308.3 KB 12/04/2015 717
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 542

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