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UC-3100P Isolated USB to UART TTL converter USB to RS-232

Output Level : TTL-3.3V
USB spec: USB 2.0 Full speed
CP2102 Form Silicon Laboratories
Isolation voltage : 3KVrms/1minute
Isolated USB to UART TTL converter


The UC-3100P is an industrial grade bi-directional high speed USB powered isolated USB to UART converter, with the cables 
you can make it as:
1, Isolated USB to TTL UART Converter for Arduino pro mini and so on
2, Isolated USB to RS-232 with both DB9 Male and Female connector
3, Isolated USB to RS485 / RS422 Converter
Datasheet available on inhaos website.
Why you need this:
    1, In most case there have big voltage difference between PC and it's peripheral equipment's ground, it will lead the equipment working not stable even damaged the equipment and the PC , you need to isolation it to make everything safety.
    2, The PC's switch power supply have big noise, you need to isolation it to prevent the noise entery your device.
    3, Most USB to UART convertor have a fixed level (3.3V or 5V) , it's may not match to your device's request, use this convertor can be provide same level as your device.
    4, You need a very small size and weight converter to carry it, he will travel with you anywhere.
    5, USB to UART, USB to RS-232 (Female and Male connector), USB to RS-485RS-422, a set of equipment to meet all the needs of engineers commonly used.
    6, Rich LED indication, work status at a glance.
    7, Very soft wire with a length of 1 meter to meet all work scenarios.
Used parts:
    1,CP2102 USB to UART convertor :
    2 ,  ADuM1411 Data isolation :
    3 , MAX3232E RS-232 level shifter:
    4 , TP8485E RS-485 driver:
Electrical Characteristics:    
    UC-3100P converter:
        Power supply : Max 5V 35mA
        IO Level :TTL-3.3V / 5V
        BaudRate:110bps to 1Mbps
        Vin:3.3 to 5.5V
        Isolation:3750V for 1 minute
    TTL Cable:
        IO Level                     : TTL-3.3V (w/o Vin)
                                             Follow the Vin (w/s Vin)
        BaudRate                  : 110bps to 1Mbps
        Arduino support        : YES (DTR signal support)
    RS-232 Cable(F/M ):
        ESD Protectioon       : ±15 kV (HBM)
        BaudRate                 : 110bps to 1Mbps
        DTR signal               : YES  (Male DB9)
                                           NO (Female DB9)
    RS-485/RS-422 Cable:
        ESD Protectioon      :  ±18 kV (HBM)
        BaudRate                 : 300bps to 250Kbps
        Nodes                       : Up to 256 (1/8 unit load)
Package List:
    1, UC-3100P USB to UART converter    x 1
    2, UART TTL Cable                             x 1
    3, RS-232 Female Cable                      x 1
    4, RS-232 Male Cable                          x 1
    5, RS-485/422 Cable                           x 1
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