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UC-3100P Isolated USB to UART TTL converter USB to RS-232

Output Level : TTL-3.3V
USB spec: USB 2.0 Full speed
CP2102 Form Silicon Laboratories
Isolation voltage : 3KVrms/1minute
Isolated USB to UART TTL converter


   INHAOS UC-3100P is a USB to RS-232 converter designed for engineers, this may be the smallest isolated converter on the market. INHAOS engineers install the optical isolator and DC to DC isolator in a 61*19*8mm plastic case .Good isolation and easy-carry makes it be good friend of the engineer. 

    Connection : 2.54mm Femalle Header 6pin
                          (TXD.GND.RXD) 500mm Cable
    USB to RS-232 chip : CP2102 Form Silicon Laboratories
    USB spec: USB 2.0 Full speed
    Support OS : Windows 98 or later
                          MAC OS-9
                          MAC OS-X
                          Linux 2.40
    Max Baud Rate:128K bps
    Output Level : TTL-3.3V
    Isolation voltage : 3KVrms/1minute
Where needs it ?
    RS-232 connection in different ground level
    Connection between electrostatic sensitive equipments and PC
    Connection between leakage-risky equipment and PC
    RS-232 serial interface circuit design and debug

Who needs it ?
    RS-232 interface design engineer
    Equipment engineer
    School / laboratory technicians


File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-UC-3100P-V01-20160108 231.9 KB 01/07/2016 450
INHAOS COMMPORT LOOPBACK TEST V1.1 27.54 KB 06/29/2011 2,564

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