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CS-4173 1A high side current sensor module


    The CS-4173 is a Low-Cost, Compact Current-Sense module. It is detected by collecting the high-side current to achieve the load current, the main chip is MAX4173 high-side current-sense amplifier. The MAX4173 high-side current-sense amplifier features a 0 to +28V input common-mode range that is independent of supply voltage. This feature allows the monitoring of current out of a battery in deep discharge and also enables high-side current sensing at voltages greater than the supply voltage (VCC). High-side current monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems, since it does not interfere with the ground path of the battery charger. For the module, Derivation of calculation function is: Vout = Vsense * 50, I = Vsense/Rsense, so the end result is I = Vout/(50*Rsense) = Vout/5, the unit is A.
    1. Low-Cost, Compact Current-Sense Solution
    2. Wide 0 to +28V Common-Mode Range (Independent of Supply Voltage)
    3. +3V to +28V Operating Supply
    4. ±0.5% Full-Scale Accuracy
    5. Wide 1.7MHz Bandwidth
    6. 420μA Supply Current


    1. Notebook Computers
    2. Portable/Battery-Powered Systems
    3. Smart Battery Packs/Chargers
    4. Cell Phones
    5. Power-Management Systems
    6. General System/Board-Level Current Monitoring
    7. PA Bias Control

    8. Precision Current Sources


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DS-CS-4173-EN Datasheet *pdf 187.06 KB 07/15/2014 2,793
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 542

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