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ASK-04 Electronic Arduino Project Starter Kit

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Electronic Project Starter Kit




   With this DIY Starter Kit for Electronic Project, you can get to Advanced Electronic World easily! It covers from starting up tutor to advanced experiments.It is a great kit for educational use,it includes lots of Common components for your Electronic Experiment. And all the components are professional quality, and fully re-seable. It is a great pack for your Electronic Project.


Package list:


   1 X USB cable

   1 X bundle Breadboard Jump Wires (Approximately 30 pcs)

   1 X 1602LCD module

   1 X 830hole Breadboard

   1 X 10k potentiometer

   1 X LM35 temperature sensor

   1 X 5v buzzer

   8 X 6*6*6 Button

   8 X red 5mmLCD

   8 X Green LCD

   8 X yellow LCD

   8 X10K Resistors

   8 X 300R Resistors

   1 X BOX

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