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DRV-2803 8-CH Motor Relay Driver




    1, Low Cost , easy to use.
    2, Output current (single output) 500mA MAX
    3, High sustaining voltage output 50V MIN
    4, Output clamp diodes
    5, Inputs compatible with various types of logic
    6, Support onboard connector or external connector




Electrical Characteristics


    Power supply:Max to 50V
    Input voltage (Out ON):2.4 to 3.0V (Max 30V)




    Operation Temperature :0°C to 55°C 
    Operating Humidity :0 to 90% non-condensing
    Storage Temperature :-20°C to 65°C




    The power connector is connected to IN_Pin9 and IN_Pin10, if the total load is over 2A , please connected power via POWER connector , otherwise you can power via IN connector with the IN1 to IN8.

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