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MD-328D MassDuino Arduino UNO Compatible ATMega328P


MassDuino MD-328D 8-bit Microcontroller with 32K bytes In-System Programmable Flash




More Fast Timers


    Two 8bit Timer/Counter with independent prescaler
    One 16bit Timer/Counter with independent prescaler
    64MHz internal frequency for fast and high resolution PWM
    Up to 6 channels PWM with dead band support


More accuracy analog modules


    8-channel 12bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)
    Internal independent power monitor channel (VCC/4 )
    Internal High resolution 1.25V/2.56V ±1% voltage reference
    2x Analog comparator with 2x 8bit DAC for internal reference
    2x Fixed-gain, dual direction OPA frontend for ADC/AC
    2-channel 8bit DAC output


More other improvements


    High resolution internal 16MHz ±1% RC oscillator
    Low power 32KHz RC oscillator
    Low power POR and 3-level Low voltage detector

    More efficiency active and sleep power control


Digital Peripherals


    SWD Two-wire On Chip Debug & Programming Interface
    Programmable Watch dog timer
    Async/Sync Universal Receiver/Transmitter (USART)
    Master/Slave SPI Interface
    Master/Slave Two-wire Interface (TWI), compatible with I2C


More Robust Working Environment


    0~20MHz @ 1.8V ~ 5.5V
    -40C ~ +85C
    4000V HBM ESD


More useful analog modules


    Internal voltage reference for ADC and source of DAC
    8bit DAC output to one channel of Analog comparator
    Each OPA support up to 2 external input channels
    OPA support x12 gain in normal mode and x11 in input-inverting mode
    OPA output can be sampled by ADC
    Analog comparator support flexible filter backend
    Comparator output can be used to disable PWM output automatically
    AC combined with OPA can be used to implement flexible over-current and over-voltage circuits


More fast timer and PWM


    Internal frequency double generate 64MHz clock for fast timer application
    Up to 500KHz@7bit high resolution PWM
    Dead cycle inserted to protect external MOSFET driver
    PWM can be disabled automatically by analog comparator or other sources
    Up to 6 channel PWM output
    Up to 4 channel support fast PWM and dead cycle insertion

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DOC-MASSDUINO-UNO-CORE-V01-20160416 409.6 KB 04/16/2016 3,373
AN-16003-Massduino-introduction 714.84 KB 04/18/2016 3,501
AN-16004-Massduino-UNO-CORE 800.43 KB 04/18/2016 3,143
DOC-MASSDUINO-NANO-V01-20160602 220.99 KB 06/02/2016 3,121
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 3,954
SCH-UNO-Pro-V03C-20180823 89.2 KB 08/23/2018 2,367
DOC-UNOPro-V01-20180531 897.73 KB 08/23/2018 2,103
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 3,757
MD-3248P 8bit MCU datasheet 775.08 KB 12/08/2021 905

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