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MassDuino UNO LC MD-328D R3 5V 3.3V Development Board

Arduino IDE Support
Highly compatible to UNO R3
32KB Flash 2KB RAM
10/12/16Bit ADC
Lower Price


MassDuino UNO LC


    Lower Price

    Arduino IDE Support

    Highly compatible to UNO R3

    32KB Flash 2KB RAM

    10/12/16Bit ADC 


          analogRead()           // 10bit ADC, Compatible to UNO R3

          analogRead_12bits() // 12bit ADC , 130 sps

          analogRead_16bits() // 16bit ADC , 125 sps



    Chip level support (MD-328D IC Lower to 0.6USD for mass purchase,click to view)

    Easy for prototype development , directly use for mass production!




    10 pcs MassDuino LC = $29.99 (Click to View) == USD 2.99/pcs


    100 pcs MassDuino LC = $199.99 (Click to View) == USD 1.99/pcs



    Massduino UNO LC is an Arduino compatible board, It’s based on Arduino UNO R3 design, So you can use MassDuino UNO LC as Arduino UNO, All Code, shield and IDE for Arduino UNO R3 are also valid on MassDuino UNO LC, Some visible improvement on hardware make MassDuino more flexible and easier use , For example: 3.3V or 5V IO selectable allow you connect some 3.3V modules (such as XBee) to Massduino directly.



    Microcontroller                                   MD328D

    Operating Voltage                             5V or 3.3V

    Input Voltage (recommended)           7-12V

    Input Voltage (limit)                           6-35V

    Digital I/O Pins                                  14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)

    PWM Digital I/O Pins                         6

    Analog Input Pins                              6

    DC Current per I/O Pin                      20 mA

    DC Current for 5V Pin                       880mA(See Notice)

    DC Current for 3.3V Pin                    600 mA

    Flash Memory                                   32 KB 

                                                              of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader

    SRAM                                                2 KB 

    EEPROM                                          1 KB 

    Clock Speed                                     16 MHz

    Length                                               68.6 mm

    Width                                                 53.4 mm




    The 5V Current limit is depended on the voltage difference between input and output , the regulator power consumption can be calculated below:
Pcm = (Vin - Vout) * Icm
    In MassDuino UNO LC’s design , the Pcm must limit within 3.5W , so if the Input voltage is 9V , the voltage difference is 9V-5V = 4V ,to  limit Pcm  within 3.5W ,the current consumption must limit within 3.5V/4V = 0.875A.
    The 3.3V max current consumption must limit within 600mA.
    Again , the 3.3V LDO is serial to 5V regulator, to calculated 5V power consumption , must consider the 3.3V current consumption.

File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-UC-2102-V01 271.39 KB 04/13/2015 3,915
AN_16006_DAQ-1000 Step by Step Guide 482.99 KB 05/10/2016 2,452
SCH-UM-UNO-V01 UM-UNO Schematic 60.89 KB 01/13/2016 2,322
RF UNO CORE Datasheet 653.48 KB 04/01/2016 2,836
DOC-MASSDUINO-UNO-CORE-V01-20160416 409.6 KB 04/16/2016 2,672
AN-16003-Massduino-introduction 714.84 KB 04/18/2016 2,630
AN-16004-Massduino-UNO-CORE 800.43 KB 04/18/2016 2,473
DOC-MASSDUINO-NANO-V01-20160602 220.99 KB 06/02/2016 2,456
LC3000 Arduino Libraries 120.7 KB 06/04/2016 2,277
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 3,229
SCH-UNO-Pro-V03C-20180823 89.2 KB 08/23/2018 1,566
DOC-UNOPro-V01-20180531 897.73 KB 08/23/2018 1,343
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 2,486

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