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20dBm 2.4G Multi-to-Multi network RF Module

2.4G Multi-to-Multi network RF Module Arduino 2.4GHz RF Module RF UART


The Master need to paired to Slave and then communication each other, be sure your system have both Master and Slave.


One Master can be paired max 126 Slavers , and one Slave can be paired max 126 Masters , All module have it's own UID , in a network , the last byte of UID can not be duplicate since they will address other side by the last byte of UID.


LC-3000-Master / LC-3000-Slave: 20 to 30m

LC-3000PA-Master / LC-3000-Slave: 30 to 300m


LC-3000PA can be working with LC-3000.


About Easy Connection


Easy Connection is a wireless communication product series released by INHAOS, It contains a number of RF product which can be connected to each other, this product series has the following features:


  • Easy to use: The product is a circuit module , users only need to connect the power and ports to make it work, do not need any experience in RF design, programming like a wired connection to achieve RF communications

  • Stable and reliable: Professional design, using frequency-hopping technology, strong anti-interference ability, stable communication is guaranteed.

  • Powerful and flexible: Provided both UART communication interfaces and direct IO control mode, user can be select the appropriate modules depending on the application. in some cases without additional processors directly implement the necessary function.

  • Low cost: Based on the mature technology, optimized hardware design, to achieve the best price.

Use Easy Connection products, user can be very easy to implement Multi to Multi (M2M) communication



LC-3000PA-Master Communication example:


Example 1, LC-3000-Master communication with LC-3000-Slave :


    We assume the last byte of Master UID is 12 , and the last byte of Slave is 13 .

    The mission is Master sent string "Hello , This is Master!" to Slave , and Slave reply "Hi This is Slave" to the Master.


    First Master Sent string via UART : =013:Hello , This is Master  

    The No.13 Slaver will receive string : =012:Hello , This is Master  


    Then Slave Sent string via UART : =012:Hi This is Slave  

    The Master will receive string : =013:Hi This is Slave    


    Summary: to sent data to other side , the format is : =:


    The Max lenght of in one packet is  240 ASCII character.

    User can connected a low cost MCU to implement complex Multi-to-Multi RF communication.


Example 2, LC-3000PA-Master communication with LC-6000A :


    We assume the last byte of Master UID is 12 , and the last byte of LC-6000A is 14 .

    LC-6000A is a IO Type RF UART Module , it's a Slave device in Easy Connection system.

    LC-6000A will execution command sent from the Master , no need extra MCU.


    The mission is Set IO2 and IO3 of LC-6000A output high level


    Master Sent string via UART :

        =014:DDR_B00001100=00001100 // Set IO2/IO3 to output
        =014:IO_ B00001100=00001100 // Set IO2/IO3 level high

    Summary: The data format will follow Master to Slave communication data format , and the command is included section.



LC-3000PA-Master Feature:


The LC-3000(PA) serial 2.4GHz RF Multi-To-Multi (M2M) UART module is a new module release by INHAOS, It’s combined a high performance and low power Cortex-M0 processor and 2.4G RF SOC, provide user a very easy way to implement 2.4G RF communication via simple UART programming.

  • Low Cost , easy to use , zero RF knowledge request for wireless communication design.
  • Implement wireless communication over the wired UART programming.
  • Multi to Multi network mode communication (M2M), with Per to Per mode communication (P2P) supported.
  • Full duplex communication, max support baud rate 512Kpbs.
  • Max continuous bi-direct baud rate up to 115Kbps when in P2P mode.
  • DTR signal support used for Arduino for remote upload sketch when in P2P mode.
  • Power Save Mode (PSM) current consumption down to.
  • Sleep mode current consumption down to 150uA.
  • LC-3000: 0dBm, Low power , 20 to 30 meters outdoor open and clear distance
  • LC-3000PA: 20dBm, 200 to 300 meters outdoor open and clear distance



File Name File Size Release Date Click
RF UNO CORE Datasheet 653.48 KB 04/01/2016 3,609
LC-2000-Debugger Release V11 867.96 KB 08/05/2016 2,456
AN-16008_LC-3000(PA) Debugger 2.06 MB 06/13/2016 2,341
LC3000 Arduino Libraries 120.7 KB 06/04/2016 2,998
DOC-UC-3100P-V20-20180425 387.93 KB 01/07/2016 3,311
DOC-LC-2000(PA)-P2P-V13-20220302 419.16 KB 03/29/2016 2,597

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