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RF-2400P 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver - 2.4G RF Module

BK-2421 is a stable high-performance 2.4G wireless module. In China, over 10KK products use this chip monthly. To let more people know about this chip, we have released the RF-2400 series modules.

RF-2400 Series 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Module



Before RF-2400 series wireless module was released, the best modules of 2.4G RF Transceivers are based on Nordic nRF24L01+. Now RF engineers have more choices by RF-2400 series modules, which were produced by Beken BK-2421 chip, with the same performance but lower cost than nRF24L01+.

BK-2421 is a stable high-performance 2.4G wireless module. In China, over 10KK products use this chip monthly. To let more people know about this chip, we have released the RF-2400 series modules.  


RF-2400 module has three series

RF-2400W: with DIP 2x4pin Connector, Wiggle antenna, for DIY and performance verification phase.

RF-2400P: using DIP 2x4Pin Connector, PIFA antennas, for DIY and performance verification phase.

RF-2400-V3: use SMT chip package.


RF-2400W and RF-2400P has the same dimensions and electrical interfaces, and different antenna, Wiggle Antenna is about 1dB lower than PIFA with smaller volume. You can purchase RF-2400W and RF-2400P to measure to select the appropriate antenna design for mass production.RF-2400-V3 can use SMD reflow, and is available for quantity production with smaller size and lower cost.


We usually recommend customers to use RF-2400W or RF-2400P for products design verification. You can directly use RF-2400-V3 for formal product design. INHAOS has already done fully performance tests of the three modules to ensure no technical risks.


If you need more technical information, or utility example, please feel free to contact us by eBay message or by INHAOS website. All customers can get technical support on this module from INHAOS.



   2400-2483.5 MHz ISM band operations

   Support 1 and 2 Mbps air data rate

   Programmable output power (-40dBm to 5dBm)

   Low power consumption

   Variable payload length from 1 to 32bytes

   Automatic packet processing

   6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks

   1.9V to 3.6V power supply

   4-pin SPI interface with maximum 8 MHz clock rate




   Wireless PC peripherals

   Wireless mice and keyboards

   Wireless gamepads

   Wireless audio

   VOIP and wireless headsets

   Remote controls

   Consumer electronics

   Home automation


   Personal health and entertainment




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File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-UM-UNO-V01-EN *pdf 345.65 KB 01/12/2015 201
DS-RF-TTL-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 1.77 MB 12/22/2014 219
DS-RF-TTL-100-V01-EN *pdf 1.73 MB 12/22/2014 164
DS-RF-TTL-40-TH-V01-EN *pdf 1.7 MB 12/22/2014 170
DS-RF-TTL-40-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 1.74 MB 12/22/2014 193
DS-RF-SMD-V01-EN *pdf 189.33 KB 12/22/2014 178
DS-RF-4463TH-V01-EN *pdf 199.83 KB 12/22/2014 179
DS-RF-4463SMA-V01-EN *pdf 198.55 KB 12/22/2014 188
DS-RF-1212D-TH-V01 *pdf 225.86 KB 12/22/2014 159
DS-RF-1212D-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 222.88 KB 12/22/2014 173
DS-RF-1001SP2-V01-EN *pdf 223.88 KB 12/22/2014 183
DS-RF-1001SMA -V01-EN *pdf 204.98 KB 12/22/2014 181
DS-RF-1101S-V01-EN *pdf 236.43 KB 12/22/2014 195
DS-RF-1101D-SMA-V01-EN *pdf 255.39 KB 12/22/2014 153
DS-RF-1001S-V01-EN *pdf 197.44 KB 12/22/2014 156
DS-RF-1001D-V01-EN *pdf 202.16 KB 12/22/2014 167
DS-RF-1001DP5 -V01-EN *pdf 197.93 KB 12/22/2014 172
DS-RF-1001DP4-V01-EN *pdf 204.59 KB 12/22/2014 179
DS-RF-1001DP3-V01-EN * PDF 209.71 KB 12/20/2014 193
DS-RF-2423M-V10-EN 447.39 KB 05/19/2013 1,461
RF-2423 SOC - BK2423 Datasheet v2.0 923.9 KB 05/07/2013 3,314
DS-RF-2423-V10-EN 446.37 KB 05/07/2013 1,340
RF-2400-NANO PCB Layout example 62.92 KB 06/05/2012 1,763
RF-2400-NANO Datasheet 433.06 KB 04/23/2012 3,259
SMA-F-DIP-165 2D/3D Drawing 194.37 KB 04/08/2012 1,405
AT2400-1901RS-5dBi Datasheet 348.78 KB 04/08/2012 1,627
AT2400-0101RS-2dBi Datasheet 334.1 KB 04/08/2012 1,575
RF-2410PA Datasheet V1.1 720.6 KB 02/29/2012 2,550
AN0002 RF2410U USB RF Programming 1.52 MB 07/18/2011 2,306
AN0002 RF2410U USB RF Programming 928.03 KB 07/18/2011 5,773
AN0001 RF-2410M Wireless UART Demo 594.91 KB 07/12/2011 2,049
AN0001 RF-2410M Wireless UART Demo 485.4 KB 07/12/2011 3,268
RF-2410M Document pack 2.43 MB 07/12/2011 1,958
RF-2410M Datasheet 507.65 KB 07/12/2011 2,698
RF-2400 Reference code - AVR 523.8 KB 07/09/2011 3,179
RF-2400 Reference code - 8051 489.54 KB 07/09/2011 2,278
RF-2410U bootloader V1.5.1 34.93 KB 07/09/2011 2,758
RF-2410U Document pack 2.43 MB 07/09/2011 2,159
RF-2410U Datasheet 690.79 KB 07/09/2011 2,955
RF-2400 Series design kit 4.27 MB 06/02/2011 3,216
RF-2400 Series Datasheet 658.82 KB 06/08/2011 6,598
AN0003 RF-24xx series selection guide 468.12 KB 06/30/2011 3,324

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