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LCD-2000-7775 2.0 inch TFT LCD Display

Low power consumption
2.0-inch TFT screen LCD-2000
Display resolution: 176(H)×220(V)
Full color mode, 262K-colors, 8-colors
176×220 ×18bits=696960bits



We have a total of three electronic screen, they are LCD-2000-3916/LCD-2000-9225/LCD-2000-7775. They are single-chip controller, and all of them can display to a maximum of 176-RGB x 220 -dot graphics on 262k-color TFT panel. The chip can be connected to the outside of the microprocessor directly. And accept the 8-bit high speed bus interface and serial peripheral interface. The display data can be stored in the memory for data RAM which is 176×220×18 bits.

We provided development kit include :

1, All chip's datasheet

2, Arduino driver and sample code

3, Application notes for Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega2560

4, Source code for STM32

5, Schematic



   Drive 2.0-inch TFT screen LCD-2000

   Display resolution: 176(H)×220(V)

   Display data RAM : 176×220 ×18bits=696960bits

   Display mode: Full color mode, 262K-colors, 8-colors

   Pin set: DB0-DB7 is IO port for data transmission, WR/RS/CS/LE/RST/PWM is control pin

   Supports 8-bit micro-controller interface 8080 series

   IO port power supply voltage:1.65-3.5V

   Low power consumption


File Name File Size Release Date Click
LCD-ST7775-V0.1-EN DATASHEET * pdf 2.69 MB 05/11/2014 4,703
US-LCD-2000-V01-EN * PDF 374.57 KB 05/11/2014 6,187
LCD-2000_Function manual-EN * pdf 139.4 KB 05/11/2014 2,888
LCD-2000-XXXX DataSheet * pdf 155.7 KB 05/12/2014 2,815
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 2,170
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 792

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