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PM-1625SL DC/DC PWM Synchronous Boost Converter Module

Maximum power: 96%
0.9V to 5V
DC/DC converter module
High-efficient PWM synchronous



PM-1625 serial DC/DC Module


We have launched the PM-XXXX series .It is a high-efficiency, low-power voltage regulator module. And it includes five different module, they are PM-1625MUA, PM-1625MUm PM-1625SLm PM-1625MDUm PM-1625MD.

PM-1625MUA module is a DC/DC boost regulator,the main chip is XU9223. It is commonly used where need of efficient and high output current circuit.

PM-1625MU is a high efficient, low ripple, high-frequency PFM boost module, the main chip is XZ9218. The module is high performance, low power consumption, high precision of the output voltage. It can turn a low-input-voltage stability to 5V.

PM-1625SL is a high-efficient PWM synchronous boost DC/DC converter module, the main chip is XZ3400. The module operating voltage between 0.9V to 5V and the circuit structure is simple.

PM-1625MDU is a efficient, fixed frequency, Buck-Boost DC/DC converter module, the main chip is XZ3440. It can be operate in the condition that the input voltage above, below or equal to the output voltage. It is suitable for single-cell lithium -ion battery, multi-cell alkaline batteries or NiMH battery applications which the output voltage is within the battery voltage range.

PM-1625MD is a buck regulator module, the master chip is 1410. Current mode operation provides fast transient response and eases loop stabilization

The picture shows a typical application of the PM-XXXX series. It is not every module has SYNC pin and FB pin, they should be connected depending on the application. The other pins are connected in the same way.

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DS-PM-1625-XXXX-V01-20151125 195.05 KB 12/17/2015 1,455
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