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CB-LC-2000 Connect Board for LC-2000(PA)-P2P


CB-LC-2000 --- Connection Board for LC-2000(PA)-P2P

One the CB-LC-2000 , here have two buttons and 3 Leds , the function as below:

    1, DTR Button: press this button to pull DTR pin low, in SLAVE side you should see DTR LED is OFF. When you connected SLAVE to a UNO R3 , you can reset the UNO by press this button.
    2, CFG button: this button is connected to FUN pin , when you want sent configuration command from PC to Module , you can press and hold this button , and then sent command from the PC. Long press this button , the module will entry pairing mode.
    3, DTR LED: indication DTR pin’s status , when you press DTR button on MASTER side , the SLAVE side LED will be OFF.
    4, BUSY LED: indication BUSY status, this LED light means module is busy.

    5, POWER LED: when module powered the LED will be light.

Please Notice


    If you only use LC-2000(PA)-P2P for normal UART communication , it no matter who is master and who is slave.
    If user use it with Arduino and want to upload sketch by remote , the PC side must use Master and Arduino side must use Slave.


About LC-2000(PA)-P2P


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