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AS-6408 Analog Digital Multiplexer Switch




    Wide Range of Digital and Analog Signal Levels
        Digital:3V to 20V
    Low ON Resistance, 125Ω (Typ) Over 15VP-P Signal Input Range for VDD-VEE = 18V
    High OFF Resistance, Channel Leakage of ±100pA (Typ) at VDD-VEE = 18V
    Matched Switch Characteristics, rON = 5Ω (Typ) for VDD-VEE = 15V
    Very Low Quiescent Power Dissipation Under All Digital-Control Input and Supply Conditions, 0.2μW (Typ) at VDD-VSS = VDD-VEE = 10V
    Binary Address Decoding on Chip
    5V, 10V, and 15V Parametric Ratings
    Maximum Input Current of 1μA at 18V Over Full Package Temperature Range, 100nA at 18V and 25oC
    Break-Before-Make Switching Eliminates Channel Overlap
    One 8CH output and one 1CH output
    Onboard UNO CORE ( *OPTION* ), can be working alone with UART output


Typical Application


    AS-6408 have two output ways, one is 64CH <-> 8CH and one is 64 <-> 1CH, the 1CH output is after the 8CH output and they can working at the same time.
    AS-6408 have onboard UNO CORE design , that means it can be working alone to process the 64CH input and read by A0 to A7 with 10bit ADC , and then sent data via TXD/RXD , if you using the RF UNO CORE it can be implement wireless data acquisition very easy.
The input signal level should not exceed VCC (Range of 0 to VCC), otherwise it may cause signal distortion.
    The control signal is standard COMS TTL-3.3V level. 
    Main IC using 74HC4051D from NXP , the datasheet link : http://www.nxp.com/products/automotive-products/discrete-and-logic/logic/analog-switches/8-channel-analog-multiplexer-demultiplexer:74HC4051D-Q100?fsrch=1&sr=3&pageNum=1




    Power supply

        With UNO CORE:3 to 15V
        Without UNO CORE:3 to 20V
    ON Resistance:125ohm
    Change in ON Resistance:50ohm
    OFF channel leakage current:+ -0.01nA
    Capacitance Input:30pF
    INPUT Low:Max 1.5V
    INPUT HIGH:Min 2.2V

    Operation Temperature :0°C to 55°C
    Operating Humidity :0 to 90% non-condensing
    Storage Temperature :-20°C to 65°C 

    Propagation Delay Time:
        Signal Input to Output:10nS
        Address-to-Signal OUT:120nS
    Cutoff (-3dB) Frequency :20MHz
    THD(Total Harmonic Distortion):0.12%
    Address-or-Inhibit-to-Signal Crosstalk:65 mV PEAK

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