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RF-2423 2.4GHz Wireless transceiver Module

Programmable output power
Low power consumption
Variable payload length from 1 to 32bytes
Automatic packet processing
6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks
1.9V to 3.6V power supply
4-pin SPI interface with maximum 8 MHz clock rate



   RF-2423 is upgrade version from RF-2400 serial modules, RF-2423 add 250Kbps air rate support and downward compatible to RF-2400.

   We have detailed document to instruction user to use new module RF-2423 , or migrating code from RF-2400 .

The RF-2400 serial and RF-2423 serial relation as below:
SPI Interface module:
BK2421 based: RF-2400P RF-2400W RF-2400-V03 RF-2400-NANO
BK2423 based: RF-2423

RF Module with C8051F330 MCU:
BK2421 based: RF-2410M
BK2423 based: RF-2423M

USB RF Module with C8051F321 MCU:
BK2421 based: RF-2410U
BK2423 based: RF-2423U


RF-2423 advantage:

Mature design, can be directly used for mass production
Metal shield, avoid touching the components, make it more stable
Low cost, surprised price when your order over 1Kpcs, please contact us


   2400-2483.5 MHz ISM band operation

   Support 250Kbps, 1Mbps and 2 Mbps air data rate

   Programmable output power

   Low power consumption

   Variable payload length from 1 to 32bytes

   Automatic packet processing

   6 data pipes for 1:6 star networks

   1.9V to 3.6V power supply

   4-pin SPI interface with maximum 8 MHz clock rate


   Wireless PC peripherals

   Wireless mice and keyboards

   Wireless gamepads

   Wireless audio

   VOIP and wireless headsets

   Remote controls

   Consumer electronics

   Home automation


   Personal health and entertainment

File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-RF-2423-V10-EN 446.37 KB 05/07/2013 2,697
RF-2423 SOC - BK2423 Datasheet v2.0 923.9 KB 05/07/2013 5,013
DS-RF-2423M-V10-EN 447.39 KB 05/19/2013 2,599
DOC-RF-2423-V01-EN Datasheet *pdf 592.66 KB 02/20/2014 2,430
DS-RF-1001DP3-V01-EN * PDF 209.71 KB 12/20/2014 1,285
DS-RF-1001DP4-V01-EN *pdf 204.59 KB 12/22/2014 1,375
DS-RF-1001DP5 -V01-EN *pdf 197.93 KB 12/22/2014 1,416
DS-RF-1001D-V01-EN *pdf 202.16 KB 12/22/2014 1,225
DS-RF-1001S-V01-EN *pdf 197.44 KB 12/22/2014 1,163
DS-RF-1001SP2-V01-EN *pdf 223.88 KB 12/22/2014 1,611
DS-RF-1001SMA -V01-EN *pdf 204.98 KB 12/22/2014 1,169
DOC-LC-2000(PA)-P2P-V12a-20160803 419.17 KB 03/29/2016 1,242
LC-2000-Debugger Release V11 867.96 KB 08/05/2016 998
AN-16008_LC-3000(PA) Debugger 2.06 MB 06/13/2016 939

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