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SE-8008 8-CH SPI IR Obstacle Detection + 2-CH Optical Speed sensor module

SPI Communication
Sensor expansion board
Support secondary development
Programmable synchronous/asynchronous USART
Work in master/slave mode SPI Serial Interface



The SE-8008 is a sensor expansion board based on MassDuino , the main chip is MD-8088. MD-8088 integrates a wealth of digital peripherals and analog peripherals, it offers great flexibility and play space for the users of the 
product design. SE -8008 is using SPI to communicate with main processor, it can save a lot of ports, so that we can use the SE-8008 to extend more different sensors from the main system. If you have a need, in this way can also extend other modules from the control board, such as the LE-1600 , RC-1406(Mortor Driver), ADC acquisition module and so on. MD-8088 chip is editable in the Arduino environment, so we can use a USB to serial cable for SE-8008 for upgrade firmware. The module is high performance low power, low cost , and it support secondary development.


   Can be program in the Arduino environment, very easy to use 
   Support secondary development
   8K bytes of in-system programmable FLASH, innovative data encryption technology
   504 bytes of data FLASH, support byte read (simulate E2PROM)
   1K SRAM bytes on-chip
   Programmable synchronous / asynchronous USART
   Can work in master / slave mode SPI Serial Interface
   I2C -compatible two-wire serial communication interface protocols , supporting master and slave device mode 
   32 8it general purpose working registers
   Support the expansion of the chip in-circuit debugging functions
   By SWD interface programming for FLASH, EEPROM, system configuration area , the ISP function
   Up to 30 programmable I / O

   High-performance, low -power and low-cost

File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-SE-8008-V01-EN Datasheet *pdf 229.28 KB 09/05/2014 2,981
BUONO-USB2SERIAL-DATASHEET 342.45 KB 09/05/2013 3,879
UM-MASSDUINO-V2.5-EN 651.39 KB 11/21/2015 1,799
SCH-UM-UNO-V01 UM-UNO Schematic 60.89 KB 01/13/2016 2,731
RF UNO CORE Datasheet 653.48 KB 04/01/2016 3,331
DOC-MASSDUINO-UNO-CORE-V01-20160416 409.6 KB 04/16/2016 3,090
AN-16003-Massduino-introduction 714.84 KB 04/18/2016 3,194
AN-16004-Massduino-UNO-CORE 800.43 KB 04/18/2016 2,896
DOC-MASSDUINO-NANO-V01-20160602 220.99 KB 06/02/2016 2,882
LC3000 Arduino Libraries 120.7 KB 06/04/2016 2,751
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 3,694
SCH-UNO-Pro-V03C-20180823 89.2 KB 08/23/2018 2,092
DOC-UNOPro-V01-20180531 897.73 KB 08/23/2018 1,844
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 3,349

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