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CS-1407 Smart Car Connector Module

8CH IR Sensor
RF UART Communication
Connector board for smart car
2CH speed encoder extend module
2CH 5~18V DC H-bridge Motor driver



   The CS-1407 is a connector board for smart car, which is designed based on Arduion UNO R3. It can be directed put on the Arduino UNO R3. By DuPont line, there are many modules can be connected to CS- 1407.

   Motor Driver:  MD-2016  2CH 5~18V DC H-bridge Motor driver

   Sensor board:  SE-8008  8CH IR Sensor and 2CH speed encoder extend module

   LED Driver:  LE-1600 SPI  16CH LED extend module

   RF UART Communication:  LC-3000  Real full duplex 115Kbps RF UART module

   All module are replaced so user can use difference board with same pinout to replace the standard board , to get better performance or lower cost.



   SPI bus connection design , the Sensor and LED use SPI interface connection , save UNO's GPIO

   Upload sketch via wireless communication

   High integration and reduces the space

   4 SPI module extend port (1 for SE-8008 and 1 for LE-1600 , and 2 for future used)

   Easy to assemble

   Low cost

File Name File Size Release Date Click
2.4GHz RF UNO 4WD Mobile Car 6.48 MB 12/16/2013 2,774
MD-2016 Datasheet *pdf 153.11 KB 04/28/2015 1,513
DS-SE-8008-V01-EN Datasheet *pdf 229.28 KB 09/05/2014 2,867
CS-1407 Datasheet *pdf 190.88 KB 04/28/2015 1,854

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