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About us

         INHAOS Technology Co., Limited which was founded in 2010 , is located in the global IT manufacturing center Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. We are professional in R&D and producing various types of test equipment / circuit module and other products. Our goal is to build good quality and cheap development platform for engineers.

         We know that electronic product development is dependent on the measurement tools, without measurement tools, engineers have no way knowing the performance indicators of their own products. In large companies or research institutions, R & D instrument configuration is often accounted for the largest piece investment.

         Limited by the costs, many small development companies do not have the complete electronic equipment enthusiasts, so the design work will encounter many difficulties. Our products are to make up for this deficiency. We focus on the measurement of expertise areas and provide convincing measurement results. The users don't need to buy expensive equipment for the accurate parameters.

         We also provide a variety of power module / RF module and other modular circuit. These modules are designed to be very suitable for DIY package. You can easily complete the various types of experiments. Also, each module we offer has the corresponding specifications, the users can work into production after the completion of development.

          Inhaos Technology was created by some professional technical engineers .We know deeply what the engineers need. Our products will serve the engineers faithfully. We wish to be your friends!


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