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Product Launch: RF-2400PA


Product Launch: RF-2400PA

RF-2400 and RF-2410 series module based on BK2421 RF SOC launched by INHAOS, deeply loved by customers. On INHAO official sites, you can download rich application example and detailed data, help more friends know the this high cost performance chip.


The module launched before, maximum output power is only 5dBm, in open areas, generally, working distance can up to 30 m.


But many users hope further communication distance, so INHAOS products RF-2400PA, in the RF-2400P foundation, added a 23 dB RF PA, through measured, the effective communication distance reach to 200 m, if with good antenna and reasonable RF Protocol, communication distance can also be greatly improved.


RF-2400 PA has two selection of antenna, one is on-board PIFA antenna and the other one is extend antenna connect by SMA connector, the two antenna cannot be used at the same time. Please read the Datasheet to choose the appropriate antenna.


RF-2400 PA is fully compatible with RF-2400P, for RF-2400P the user only need to ensure that the power supply can provide 50mA current, for RF-2400PA, at least you need to ensure supply 300mA current.


Please note that when use RF-2400PA, must assure the power output of BK2421 is less than 0dBm, because the RF PA have +23 dB fixed Gain, if BK2421 configures to +5dBm output, will lead to RF PA overload, increase power consumption, and possible damage to the PA.

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