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New product launch : UNO-Pro

Massduino UNO Pro R3 Compatible VUSB HID 4CH DAC 5CH HV ADC 6CH ADC 16bit Onboard 4.096V AREF




ü  Full resource of UNO R3

ü  Onboard Virtual USB HID device

n  The USB HID can be programming the board as a keyboard / mice / etc… with HID class device

ü  Ground test terminal

ü  TQFP-48 MD-3248P MCU

ü  Analog power and digital power and ground are separated

ü  Onboard 4.096V/2.048V voltage reference source

n  4.096V for PWM-DAC

n  AREF for MCU ADC selectable between 4.096V and 2.048V

ü  4 channel onboard PWM-DAC

n  CH0/1 with 16bit resolution

n  CH2/3 with 12bit resolution

ü  5 channel High Voltage Analog input

n  Range 32V with 4.096V AREF

n  Range 16V with 2.048V AREF

ü  Onboard 3 tack switch buttons and 3 LEDs for fast programming

 Massduino MD-3248P with 32KB Flash , 2KB SRAM                                                              

 Fully Arduino IDE development

 Full arduino UNO resource support

 Rich additional resource

              3 user programmable LEDs

              3 tack switch buttons

              4 CH pwm DAC (2 ch fast mode and 2 ch high resolution mode)

              5 CH HV ADC (Max input 32V)

              Onboard 4.096V and 2.048V voltage reference source

 Virtual USB , make the board as a HID device (Keyboard / Mice etc.)

 DC input voltage : DC 9 to 24V

 System voltage : 3.3V or 5V

 PWM DAC Range : 0 ~ 4.096V

 PWM Resolution (CH 1/2): 16bit

 PWM Resolution ( CH 3/4): 10bit

 HV ADC input range: 0~32V

 HV ADC resolution: 1mV w/s 15bit ADC (analogRead_15bits())

Install Massduino support package

Inorder to use Massduino UNO Pro , you need to download massduino support package from below link:


         After you download and unzip the file , you will got two folder:

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