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Notes on product price adjustment

Dear buyer,

I am sorry to post this notice and look forward to your understanding.

The global chip shortage has been going on for a long time, leading to a substantial increase in the price of most products, which inevitably 
affects our product costs. We have always insisted on selling the products in stock at the original price and hope that the price of chips will 
return to stability. 

But it is a great pity that we have almost exhausted all of our inventory of products, and the cost of newly produced products will rise 
significantly. In order to ensure the continued supply of products, we must adjust product prices.

So next, you may find that the price of our products is not stable. This is not because we are adjusting prices at will, but the products are 
making necessary adjustments following the cost of the chip.

We hope that the global economy will resume normal operation as soon as possible, and the supply of chips will return to the normal price range. 
Once the price of chips drops, we will lower the prices of our products as soon as possible.

Our other suggestion is to pay attention to our Massduino series of products. This series of products use our own MCU, so the product price is 
relatively less affected by the market environment. For a long time, we will ensure that the price of Massduino series products is stable. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. For those who are interested in porting their designs to Massduino series products, we can also 
provide technical support.

Thank you again for coming and wish you a happy life!

30 Mar.2021 

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