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MassDuino UNO LITE R4

MassDuino UNO LITE R4
Programmable synchronous / asynchronous USART
Can work in master / slave mode SPI Serial Interface




    Massduino is a new product line, which combines the Arduino platform peripheral -rich, convenient and quick development, low-cost and easy to manufacture large-scale production advantages. Almost all of the Arduino code can be applied to MassDuino without modification, users do not need to learn any new knowledge, you can immediately begin using MassDuino to product development.MassDuino use a special custom MCU MD-8088, this chip has a very unique and new design, ensuring high operating efficiency while providing a low cost of applications.INHAOS upcoming a series of application modules which is based MassDuino. The application modules can be developed in the Arduino environment , and then direct used to commercial products, creative implementation and production time reduced to a minimum.


MD-8088 specification:


    32 8-bit general-purpose working registers Performance when working in 32MHz up to 32MIPS

    Can be edited in the Arduino environment, concise and easy to use

    504 bytes of data FLASH, support byte read (simulate E2PROM)

    1K bytes SRAM on-chip

    131 instructions, 80% instruction execution time for a single clock cycle

    Programmable synchronous / asynchronous USART

    Can work in master / slave mode SPI Serial Interface

    Support the expansion of the chip in-circuit debugging functions

    8K bytes of in-system programmable FLASH, innovative data encryption technology

    By SWD interface programming for FLASH, EEPROM, system configuration area , the ISP function

    Up to 30 programmable I / O

    High-performance, low -power and low-cost

    I2C -compatible two-wire serial communication interface protocols , supporting master and slave device mode

File Name File Size Release Date Click
DS-SE-8008-V01-EN Datasheet *pdf 229.28 KB 09/05/2014 1,941
BUONO-USB2SERIAL-DATASHEET 342.45 KB 09/05/2013 2,693
BUONO UNO R3 Datasheet *pdf 375.02 KB 09/05/2013 4,041
DS-UC-2102-V01 271.39 KB 04/13/2015 2,236
DS-UM-UNO-V01-EN 345.65 KB 01/12/2015 1,656
UM-MASSDUINO-V2.5-EN 651.39 KB 11/21/2015 874
DOC-PB-9000-V01-20151117 302.96 KB 11/23/2015 616
SCH-UM-UNO-V01 UM-UNO Schematic 60.89 KB 01/13/2016 1,284
RF UNO CORE Datasheet 653.48 KB 04/01/2016 1,483
DOC-MASSDUINO-UNO-CORE-V01-20160416 409.6 KB 04/16/2016 1,360
AN-16003-Massduino-introduction 714.84 KB 04/18/2016 1,499
AN-16004-Massduino-UNO-CORE 800.43 KB 04/18/2016 1,358
DOC-MASSDUINO-NANO-V01-20160602 220.99 KB 06/02/2016 1,389
LC3000 Arduino Libraries 120.7 KB 06/04/2016 1,203
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 1,798
SCH-UNO-Pro-V03C-20180823 89.2 KB 08/23/2018 26
DOC-UNOPro-V01-20180531 897.73 KB 08/23/2018 25
UM-MASSDUINO-V4.6r2-EN 1.23 MB 08/23/2018 70

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