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BUONO UNO R3 Arduino compatible

Arduino compatible
Inherits all of Arduino UNO’s features
Compatible to Arduino UNO
More visible location of indicator LEDs


   BUONO UNO R3 is an Arduino compatible board, It’s based on Arduino UNO R3 design, So you can use BUONO UNO as Arduino UNO, All Code, shield and IDE for Arduino UNO R3 are also valid on BUONO UNO, Some visible improvement on hardware make BUONO more flexible and easier use , For example: 3.3V or 5V IO selectable allow you connect some 3.3V modules (such as XBee) to BUONO directly.



   Inherits all of Arduino UNO’s features

   Compatible to Arduino UNO/Duemilanove’s pin layout, screw hole and dimensions

   3.3V or 5V operating voltage selectable

   More visible location of indicator LEDs

   Evolved with SMD components

   Digital I/O pins 14 (of which 6 provied PWM output)

   Flash memory 32KB or which 0.5KB used by bootloader



   Clock speed 16MHz

   Micro USB connection make the cable can be mixed use with most digital products such as cell phone

   5V DC/DC provide 95% efficiency

   6V to 23V width rang input

   Provide max 1.8A for peripheral circuits

   LC Low pass filter for AVCC make ADC much stable

   Ground terminal make measurement easier

File Name File Size Release Date Click
BUONO UNO R3 FW UPGRADE V0100 to V0200 355.09 KB 09/17/2013 2,665
2.4GHz RF UNO 4WD Mobile Car 6.48 MB 12/16/2013 1,654
US-LCD-2000-V01-EN * PDF 374.57 KB 05/11/2014 4,515
DS-CS-4173-EN Datasheet *pdf 187.06 KB 07/15/2014 2,254
BUONO-UNO-LITE-R3-DATASHEET 244.5 KB 09/05/2013 2,269
BUONO UNO R3 Datasheet *pdf 375.02 KB 09/05/2013 3,527
DOC-BUONO-MEGA 2560-R3-V01-EN 524.44 KB 04/14/2014 2,355
DS-UM-UNO-V01-EN 345.65 KB 01/12/2015 1,293
DOC-DAQ-1000-V02-20151110 546.36 KB 10/29/2015 664
AN-DAQ-1000-001-V10-20151129 1.09 MB 11/22/2015 762
AN-DAQ-1000-001-V10-20151129 3.9 MB 11/22/2015 576
DOC-PB-9000-V01-20151117 302.96 KB 11/23/2015 411
DOC-UNO-CORE-V01-20151228 408.38 KB 12/29/2015 885
SCH-UM-UNO-V01 UM-UNO Schematic 60.89 KB 01/13/2016 734
RF UNO CORE Datasheet 653.48 KB 04/01/2016 822
AN-16003-Massduino-introduction 714.84 KB 04/18/2016 838
AN-16004-Massduino-UNO-CORE 800.43 KB 04/18/2016 756
ARDUINO-AN-140001-RFID-RC522 10.96 MB 08/22/2016 961

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